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[ The video feed as it comes on from the journal is sort of fuzzy at first, and it's evident the owner's out on the cherry blossom tree hill if the pink falling petals are any indication. One thing that's visible is that the journal is on somewhat of an angle, showing what appears to be none other than Fakir who's sitting there, another type of journal on his lap and a pen writing away at something.

Occasionally mutters can be caught by the journal itself as he continues writing, the sound of the pen on paper heard in the background.

...and.... then he moved closer to hold her in... arms... she so safe there in his embrace...

Never did he want to leave.... all alone.... always...

[ Suddenly he stops, his face visible enough as he makes a face and suddenly tears out the page and tosses it aside, the angle of the journal allowing everyone to see the pile of crumpled papers as he sighs in frustration, feathers bristling on his wings visibly before he started writing again. ]

Once... there was a pair. A man... and girl. She was petite, small... but beautiful. Not graceful but he was her knight and he would... catch her... never to fall again with him by her side. A sweet girl with hidden wings...

Lovely... eyes the color of... the sky, hair an incomparable shade of reddish pi--

[ Suddenly his writing stops short and he tosses the pen aside, putting his head in his hands in frustration. The pen hits the journal with a small 'click' and after a second, Fakir resigns in picking it up but when he does, that's about the time when it seems to register that the journal was actually recording him with green eyes going quite wide in surprise and shock. If that thing was on... did it mean it had been recording him writing something so embarrassing?!

Wasn't totally about a certain girl that lives here that he knows from home. Nope.

A moment lingers after before he suddenly goes REALLY red in the face and he sputters a bunch of incoherent words as he scrambles to turn the journal off, but right before the scattered feed ends, the sound of him saying one last thing can be heard.

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[ The video feed flickered for a second as it came into focus, showing the shoulders of someone with black hair, slightly tanned skin and dressed fairly neatly – though only seen from his shoulders and midriff – with his eyes just out of view at the moment. ]

…is this even on…?

[ It takes a second before green eyes come into view, before the view shifts again and shakes a bit. Then he freezes and his eyes go wide before his expression shifts into annoyance and glowers somewhat in the direction of the journal itself. ]

…stupid thing wouldn’t turn on when I was trying to…

[ Then him realizing that this really was on and he goes quiet before sighing and averting his gaze away for a few moments. Just what was there that he could even say? This place just reeked of strange, and he wasn’t just thinking that because of the wings. ]

Look. I’ve been here a few days but there really hadn’t been any need to say anything on here. [ A pause and he exhales a sigh. ] but seeing as there’s things I want answers to, here I am. I had to deal with an idiot when I first woke up here so that came first… but the point is that I need to know more about this damn place if I’m going to be stuck here a while.

[ Fakir brushes some hair away from his face, glancing back directly at the journal now and his brows knit a bit in something like mixed concern and annoyance. ]

I want to know who decided to bring us here and if it was them that gave us these stupid wings. Same goes with the shops as the last I checked, places didn’t just hand you things for free. [ His annoyance tapers off; his voice softens somewhat, if only just by a slight touch though his expression hasn’t changed much. ] The more information I can get about all of this, the better.


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